Remodel Time

Remodel Time

Hello Everyone!

It has been a hot minute since I have posted on the blog and I'm honestly going to get better about posting I promise! I have been slowly bringing myself back to where I wanna be in life, I went thru what I believe was a depression. I gained a bunch of weight and lost my creativity, let my house go because I was sleeping all the time. Don't get me wrong I still have my days where I sleep in late but no where near like I used too.

I have took on a part time job in a local furniture and home decor store and it was really helped bring me back up, and I have learned so much in the small time I have been there. So much it has inspired me to start doing my own D.I.Y remodeling around my home. (with the help from my husband of course) 

I have also decided to give my business her own little remodel and upgrade, So if you see a lot of changes here now you know why! The holidays are coming and that is my most busiest time of the year and I wanna start it off with a bang!!

So please check back regularly and follow a long with my updates! Thank you for supporting my small business! It means more then you know.



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